Within the book Lorde explores her own intellectual development and emerging self—in regard to race, class, gender, and sexual orientation—highlighting the ways in which systems of oppression are intertwined. Within this five-section book, Sue uses research, vignette examples, and theoretical discussion to highlight why it’s become difficult for us all to talk about race. Helpful. $9.99. He’s on a ship captained by a slave, with a stowaway girl on board – and a mysterious sea monster that seems to be following them. (Newly acquainted to allyship? Buy it: $16, bookshop.org (Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery), This book chronicles the life of a mixed-race family with two daughters: Birdie (who appears white) and Cole (who’s dark enough to fit in with the other kids at their Afrocentric school). Shop Usborne Books & More, become a consultant and join Usborne Books & More, or host a UBAM party to earn FREE books! $29.99. • Want to learn more about Usborne Books & More? Representation matters! Destiny, however, has other plans. Usborne was founded in 1973 as a children’s book publisher. Display. “Plus, challenging whiteness challenges white readers, and the absolute least we can do is to be challenged.”, Buy it: $15, bookshop.org (Turning Page Bookshop), This collection of essays, written between 1976 and 1984, is “for anyone who is at a loss for words or is afraid of their own voice and of speaking up…about anything,” says Bassist. Published in France in 1955, this classic essay influenced a generation of scholars and activists fighting for liberation in Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean—and 20 years later the civil rights movement in America. “It’s about how Black children can have freedom and joy in their lives, within a context of trauma and violence,” says Jamia Wilson, author, speaker, and the executive director of The Feminist Press. Find out more about Usborne Books’ All About Families. Alissa's books- Usborne books and more. $29.99. © 2021 Condé Nast. Includes stickers of race cars, campervans, ambulances and more, as well as a special page of cars throughout history. “It is written in a very academic manner, but [Bonilla-Silva’s] central framework of the four narratives of color-blind racism is powerful.”, Buy it: $44, bookshop.org (Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery), This book sparks meaningful and timely discussion around policing, by revealing its brutal origins as a system of societal control. The bold, genius, and hilarious writer and professor shares her thoughts on being thick—literally and in spirit. Feb 25, 2013 - Find me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/jenskidsbooks. Reimagining Integration: Diverse and Equitable Schools. Vitale combines academic research with thoughtful opinion to explain why our current attempts at police reform—like diversification and better training—are failing to reduce race-based violence. $19.99. $29.99. It’s Angelou’s guide to living well, for her daughters everywhere. Indicate the Usborne Wind-Up Toys or Busy Toys you wish to order. Aardvark is competing in the Big Race. When he suggests a race, nobody expects Tom Tortoise to take up the challenge. Cars. I'm here to help! Cost is $4 each, plus $6.95 s/h. Usborne Wind-up Tractor Book. H. $12.99. The complete catalogue for Usborne books published in the English language. Feb 26, 2017 - Kids love to read about things that go! Wind up the cars and watch them zoom around the tracks in this exciting interactive book. It's all kids who need all stories about all kinds of people." BD. • Interested in hosting a Home Party? This book demands reader introspection on the ways in which we’re all implicit in silencing conversations about race, and suggests social change is reliant on both the vulnerability and courage required to communicate honestly—regardless of our own racial identities. BD. With fun facts about racing cars and pit stops and the world of racing. per page. 04. Kane Miller On the Farm - Shine-a-Light. Jimmy John's (1018 E Main St, Owosso, MI) Restaurant. Jones’s memoir weaves together a series of vignettes about growing up as gay Black man in the South. Internet-Referenced & Internet-Linked Titles, Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow, The (Book 1). Usborne Woodland Sounds. Wind up the cars and watch them zoom around the tracks in this exciting interactive book. (check availability above) Usborne Wind-Up Train Toy 780000 Usborne Wind-Up Tractor Toy 899309 Usborne Wind-Up Race Car Toy (RED) 780002 Usborne Wind-Up Race Car Toy (YELLOW) 780003 Usborne Wind-Up Plane Toy 780001 Usborne Wind-Up Bus Toy 784656 Usborne Wind-Up Pirate Ship Toy 780417 Usborne … One of the best ways I find I can teach my children about difficult topics is through reading, more reading and using that as an avenue for hard topics and discussions. Contact Me » Amanda Criner Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant. To revisit this article, visit My Profile, then View saved stories. Bonilla-Silva confronts the idea that “color-blind” racism has become the dominant ideology in America. • Interested in hosting a Home Party? So, from social critiques to memoirs and essays to fictional novels, the below list offers a step toward empathy, understanding, and some damn good writing. The book details her turbulent life, while “speaking truth to power,” Wilson says. Have a question? It's time we all help create… $29.99. $29.99. It’s also an action that supports Black Americans by: (a) buying books (from Black-owned bookstores, like those linked below); (b) recognizing Black experiences; and (c) reflecting on our own privilege and racial biases and working to correct them. This funny, personal, no-holds-barred critique shatters rampant misconceptions about race. Busy Books or Wind-Up Books: Car, bug, helicopter, plane, train, race cars, bus, tractor - I mean, talk about options! Usborne Winter Wonderland Sound Book. My favorite is the Celtic Patterns to Color book. “This book presents a discussion of why ‘color-blind’ thinking hinders racial equity,” explains Candice Bocala, Ed.D., faculty director of Reimagining Integration: Diverse and Equitable Schools, at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education. Copyright © 2021 Usborne Books & More. Along with each prompt, experts offer a slew of effective ways that educators can analyze classroom interactions, incorporate race into curriculums, address racial categories and inequality, and close achievement gaps in their classrooms. Usborne has built a partnership with the children’s educational charity Show Racism the Red Card.Their courses and conferences educate 50,000 young people and 6,000 adults every year, working towards making Britain a safer, more tolerant place to live. I'm here to help! ): Start a collection to keep year after year in a basket beneath your tree - we have tons of classics from Santa favs to ones about the nativity!. BD. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. List of Usborne Internet-linked books. See more ideas about usborne, usborne books, children’s books. Usborne Wind-Up Plane Book. “There’s so much in it that resonates related to the grief we’re feeling now, the collective outrage, and the indignities Black people experience as part of overt and covert racism.”, A searing book of essays by one of America’s favorite authors, this influential text from the emerging civil rights movement details intersectionality between race, religion, and more. Mullen, proprietor of Semicolon Bookstore & Gallery in Chicago; Maisy Card, author and public librarian; Bunnie Hilliard, owner of Brave + Kind Bookshop in Decatur, Georgia; Candice Bocala, Ed.D., faculty director of Reimagining Integration: Diverse and Equitable Schools, at Harvard’s Graduate School of Education; Jamia Wilson, author, speaker, and executive director of The Feminist Press; Elissa Bassist, editor of the "Funny Women" column at The Rumpus; Atom Atkinson, director of writing programs at Catapult; author and writing teacher Megan Stielstra; Julia Fierro, author and founder of The Sackett Street Writers' Workshop; and Rich Blint, program director of race and ethnicity at The New School. Fleming’s fresh and irreverent opinions are a must-read for understanding everything that’s wrong with our national conversation about race (spoiler: It’s a lot), and offers a road map for transforming acknowledgement into action. “It also contains good advice about how to encourage more race talk and how to facilitate dialogues about race,” Bocala says. She expresses frustration with the way race and racism is discussed by those who are unaffected by it, and explores topics like white dominance, the inextricable ties between race and class, and the ways in which Black history has been strategically eradicated—as well as strategies for countering the racism that still exists in modern society.