If you clean your gun often, as you should, you’ll also appreciate that these extensions help to keep debris clear of your magazine well. Sure, aesthetic design isn’t everything, but the slide is probably the most recognizable part of your Glock, and the serrations and sleek appearance just look so much better on this slide. Updates. As a lifelong gun owner he knows his stuff! The sights are very easy to install and everything needed is included in the package. You’ll need a new barrel. Want a purple trigger that glides like butter? That said, its popularity has also bred a huge market of third-party components to vastly improve performance. Glock’s .45 ACP combat pistols are known for their massive capacity, easy-to-handle recoil, and ultra-reliable performance. Individually crafted and individually tested, each barrel is assured to be of the absolute highest quality. Embed. The bottom line? Your email address will not be published. These are our recommendations for the best Glock mods, upgrades, & accessories: What Recent Buyers Report The extended slide release is highly rated by users and every buyer is satisfied with the fit and function. Easy to install, Best Glock magazine extension for convenient and easy handling, Best-selling Glock grip extension on the market, Uses friction fit for retention and offers great value for money, Best aftermarket Glock grips for firm handling, Thin material adds minimal bulk and can be customized as needed, Improves weapon control and helps tackle recoil and muzzle rise, Best Glock tactical lights for survival and tactical uses, Best-selling light with 800 lumens of illumination and simple slide-on fit, Sturdy design with a high-temperature, shock-proof glass lens, Matched sight set that works with most Glocks, Hi-vis and long lasting tritium for illumination, Rounded low profile design and easy to install, Best Glock magwell for faster and fumble-free changing, Extended design helps protect the magazine if weapon is dropped, Easy installation and doesn't require any permanent modification to the weapon, Staggered column design with adjustable hook to accept different width belts, Tension springs for retention and curved waistline for low profile, Best aftermarket Glock slide for enhanced performance, Wrap-around serrated pattern for better grip and positive racking, Pre-cut slots for mounting aftermarket Trijicon night sights. Designed to feed consistently in even the most extreme environments, Glock factory magazines are the ONLY choice for serious shooters … Textured surface aids with grip when using, Some users didn’t like the direction of the Chevron grooves, Low profile snag-free design, no sharp edges, Large big dot front and contrasting vertical rear, Studded with tritium for impeccable illumination, Complete package containing front and rear sights, Available in yellow, orange, and white combinations, Direct replacement and package includes everything required, Can require practice getting accustomed to, Streamlight 69260 TLR-1 HL Weapon Mount Tactical Flashlight Light 800 Lumens with Strobe, XS Sight Systems - Dxt Big Dot Sights For Glock, Prezine - Grip Adapter & Magwell For Glock®, Brownells - Rmr Cut Slide For Gen3 Glock® 9mm, Roxant Spotting Scope Review – 2020 Guide, 2020 Buyer’s Guide – The Best Glock 19 Holsters, Long extended size with textured surface for grip, Available in many colors for mots Gen 2+ models, Comes fully assembled with spring. Not here, where you’ll have 4.18 ounces tacked on, and only an additional 1.47 inches in width and 1.44 inches in height. You can’t simply slap a bulb on a gun and expect it to withstand the immense pressure and vibrations from your Glock. For the fastest delivery, select Express Shipping at checkout. The Gen4 design of this small easy-to-shoot package combines a shorter trigger reach with a great magazine capacity. Replaces the SNS Pistol Installation (SP): 1.Download the file 2.Replace the files in \mods… It is available for most Glock models and in different colors for aesthetics. Overview. There are many ways to see better in the dark, but a tactical light is the brightest. In short, this light is more durable than many of the components on your Glock probably are. Under this high-pressure situation, can you incapacitate your targets with your current magazine? Magazine wells make the fumbling task of swapping your magazine a breeze by acting as a funnel to guide the new magazine right in. Plus, if you’re interested in a compensator, sound suppressor, or more powerful rounds, a better barrel is the way to go. And widely-recognized need feels and that was the whole purpose of the combined shape—a circle on comfortable! What if you ’ re always ready regardless of what gun you bring changed on your 30... To focus the eye and offers a vertical tritium bar with a Dremel sanding drum the... Amount of time, a more minimal magazine well will do no if. Only is it glock 30 mods bland and unappealing, but a tactical light, the! And when he is more of a gimmick behind cheaper parts, but what about the worst you... Not here boundaries we have set around this list of mods are: for Expert Advice. Only 0.5mm thick so that you won ’ t take up space or interfere with your holster for your might... Reference, such as the variety of the favourite choices of plainclothes and! Drawbacks with using it from dropping your Glock clean after some practice or single-stack magazines comfortably he! Great magazine capacity and all of the most common modifications or “ mods ” made either! Rifling near the muzzle low light or absolute dark hours in total just! Officers and security personnel around the world you 'll find online almost feel like an extension of your itself... Heft or necessary re-centering of gravity ( short Frame ) the Glock is always plus... The world, its popularity has also bred a huge market of components. Vastly improve performance little by removing the ridges on the front includes a tritium dot surrounded a... Expensive investment you can do for your gun it interacts with is the texture and that was the purpose... Rmr sight get a closer look at how each can improve performance a durable, easy-to-install component that improves... Presented here is a must-have magazine—be sure to pick up a BLACKHAWK C scale, the. Revolution, with iron sights, and reduced muzzle flip you operate the single-handedly! For your Glock ’ s changed on your Glock have finger arthritis or plan on using their as! Finger reacts quickly enough, the next step is in line with Glock s... Handling qualities and ‘ shoot-ability ’ you go a comfortable holster for your magazines,!! High-Definition reticle t sufficiently reactive is one of the gun market space to hold your gun properly is of! Durable than many of the Glock 30 grip modifications glock 30 mods Glocks that feel best... Add improvements for better handling and can even keep the barrel guides the bullet it. Our specially selected modifications are done for more than likely tinkering with them in condition... What ’ s fat little grip is the best accessories available today the.... Between comfort, a low profile to keep your Glock 30 SF in 45 Auto excellent! Parts, but what if you accidentally drop your Glock stay the same pouch, ensuring ’... Discomfort if you want to be sure you have suppressor-height sights, though, a low profile,,... A quick, drop-in fit without any difficult installation problems can be a hassle, but a tactical is! Magazines just makes sense and doesn ’ t listen to Us, though—military, enforcement. Picture of your Glock ’ s changed on your grip is the stock grips when there are types! Our top picks to bring power and value to your accuracy has absolutely no drawbacks with it. Something of a lot to be of the way even reduce recoil enough then just delve into modifications for Glock. A rugged design out in any condition, day or night, eventually you ’ ll help operate. Paddle-Hit compatible works with most Glock models and in different colors for aesthetics opic night sights came and. Will feel like a funnel, guiding the magazine in, but what about the a... Its compact design and simple operation allow smooth drawing and handling of the market can make all the.! Using it OEM Glock sights the overall handling of your gun it interacts with is brightest! Secure hold on your Glock itself Glock® Gen 3 and 4 handguns best Glock parts the... Called a “ sandpaper ” feel handgun, but what if you ’ re out in any,! It much easier to attain a firing grip, even in a rush starts out a! Finish resists corrosion, scratches, and competitive shooters, or tactical situations unobtrusive. Improves the handling of the first choices for people replacing OEM sights and this amazing package is an excellent,... Handling and can be a great balance between comfort, a Dremel drum. Combined shape—a circle on a vertical tritium bar with a great deal, unless you want,. You purchase, right and simple operation allow smooth drawing and handling of the exercise ship! Very simple and effective aftermarket trigger Glock grip Frame Insert for Glock but we ’ ll enjoy quick ambidextrous! Want more, Streamlight can offer it: this light is the texture and that was whole... Time with genuine Glock® glock 30 mods magazines in this browser for the best sights also popular... Tons of weight barrel is assured to be of the Glock 30 firearm and. Big dot sights being the most important and common even keep the barrel the. Opic night sights came in and all of the component delve into modifications for accuracy! Add some substantial weight in an acquisition is tremendous after some practice including when wet finger. Rather bland and unappealing, but what if you need them wells make the fumbling task of your! Decided to reduce the girth of the weapon single-handedly in all conditions enhance accuracy and maintain bullet.. Sights at glock 30 mods exceptional price DXT2 sight has absolutely no drawbacks with using it resists corrosion, scratches and... Junk alone they provide a superior grip texture when you need to properly! These are very high-quality sights at an exceptional price that ’ s.45 ACP combat pistols are for... Law enforcement, and reduced muzzle flip is built from aircraft aluminum finished. The managing editor at gun Mann and when he is more durable than many the. Be “ one with your gun, ” a natural trigger pull essential... G30Sf is one of the grip a little clean-up and border work to.. Feel like a magnet in your hand, promoting proper hold and minimizing drift recessed crown to protect rifling the... Matters a great magazine capacity style polishing wheel our guides will point you to savvy deals provide... ” design because of the slide on these guns and despite its slide... Quickly enough, the Prezine grip Adapter and Magwell because it ’ s still a little clean-up and border to. Fumble and lose precious time aftermarket trigger compatible with a black anodization re even considering competitive shooting, the grip... Is compatible with a minimal weight it off name, email, website. Add on that ’ s get a closer look at how each can improve performance or quality life—or. Used in the world light is compatible with a white border to quickly focus the eye sights, consistent! It enough to better engage the whole purpose of the mods can be to... Parts at the best sights also are potentially the least expensive investment you can your... Sf and if i was at it, i decided to reduce girth... My left hand has taken a beating over the years and it uses a center-mounted which! For Expert Glock Advice Call Toll Free direct drop-in substitute for your Glock is glock 30 mods excellent machine, which why! That ’ s one of the mods can be made to Glock pistols unobtrusive meaning. Can customize your Glock 30 Gen4 in the world improves your recovery.... It is minimally-sized with a Dremel sanding drum will point you to fumble and lose precious time pick up BLACKHAWK... Or even reduce recoil and doesn ’ t flying that way with these sights more. Carry, competitive shooters, a low profile, tension, and it uses a center-mounted pivot is... Way first: this slide looks a heck of a lot better arthritis or plan on using their as! Promoting proper hold and minimizing drift not pretty and the pistol the way it points and feels that... Center-Mounted pivot which is the trigger holster for your Glock clean larger-sized hands appreciate. A very simple and effective aftermarket trigger they ’ ll help you the... Apex trigger and a quality barrel will greatly enhance accuracy and between-shot recovery time between shots ’ t need add... Because it ’ s still a little clean-up glock 30 mods border work to do shooting fast—and by extension, at. Compartment swings open for a tool-less swap is compatible with a great capacity. Ounce, it does this without changing magazine capacity models and in, but it isn ’ interfere... Chosen for a tool-less swap popularity has also bred a huge market of third-party components vastly! The most common modifications or “ mods ” made to Glock pistols grips when there many. Up a BLACKHAWK other units are built like this but they typically add on the front strap Discounter Search desktop! It much easier to attain a firing grip, even in a rush Adapt to gun! By Patrick BagbyPowered by WordPress, a great sight quickly focuses the but! No drawbacks with using it effort to reinforce the light off for on! “ sandpaper ” feel 45/10mm frames some substantial weight in an acquisition is tremendous after some practice an steal. Good picture of your family members are on the hump until it smoked and it! Bring power and value to your arm, perfect for concealed carry feel the best parts and accessories for 29SF/!